A construction  company profiling itself as ‘Partners for the Future’ must per definition always focus on its clients and on their needs of today and tomorrow. 
This is exactly what the Cordeel Group is doing: The client is always at the centre. 

First of all, Cordeel guarantees to offer quality to all of its clients. This is the cornerstone of an important partnership. It is the breeding ground for ensuring that satisfied clients will continue to come back to us. Meeting the agreed timing is essential for everybody working at Corneel.  This is because timely delivery of a construction project is only possible on condition that everyone respects the deadlines.

Also flexibility is of major importance. In order to be able to react adequately at any given time, Cordeel produces all its materials in its own ateliers. Whether we're talking concrete, steel or wood, our Company has its own ateliers where experienced professionals can start working right away. The organization of the construction process is an essential determining factor for the efficiency and therefore for the quality, the budget and the timing of any given project.

Cordeel's pragmatic approach, as well as our quality guarantee and cost control ensure that any of our clients will be able to attain their goals and objectives.  
Here you can read the policy statement regarding Quality, Safety, Health and Environment of Cordeel.