Project in de kijker

Bouwen van vieringsruimte met kenniscentrum en onthaalfaciliteiten, ateliers, eigentijds begijnhof, verblijfsaccommodatie voor studenten en omgevings-aanleg + de bouw van een ondergrondse parking



Zwijndrecht Lille Villers-le-BouilletHoeseltSofiaAachenTemse

Lindtsedijk 22
3336 LE Zwijndrecht
16 Place du Général de Gaulle
F-59000 Lille
Rue le marais 14
4530 Villers-le-Bouillet
Industrielaan 18
3570 Hoeselt
81A Bulgaria Blvd., Office 2
1404 Sofia
Adalbertsteinweg 112-114
D-52070 Aachen
Eurolaan 7
9140 Temse

Laatste nieuws

Open Wervendag 22 mei 2016

Als trouwe en enthousiaste deelnemer aan Open Wervendag, een initiatief van de Confederatie Bouw, opent Cordeel ook dit jaar de deuren van een aantal werven in uitvoering!

Eerste Steen voor ISG

De Eerste Steenlegging van de International School of Ghent vond plaats op 5 oktober. Dit nieuwe schoolgebouw zal plaats kunnen bieden aan 3 keer zo veel leerlingen dan het huidige. 

Bekijk hier het verslag, gemaakt door AVS.

The Company

As a general contractor, Cordeel always strives towards quality in all construction works performed by us. We construct office buildings, logistics centres, bridges, shopping malls, production buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and sports infrastructure … So, we construct nearly everything, except private housing units. 
For 80 years already, we are an independent family enterprise and we are very proud of that. Whenever you contact us, you will get in touch with the Cordeel family, who are still the decision makers. You may count on us for receiving quick and binding answers to any of your questions.

For all services offered by us, we have the right people in the right place. Our 950 employees and staff members take care of your project from A to Z: from design to delivery. And if you request us to do so, we even search ourselves for the best location and the financing formula that suits you best. 
In order to  ensure a swift and accurate execution of the entire building process, we do not just rely on our motivated and highly qualified staff. In fact, since many years we also may rely on our own production units: a  joinery/carpenter division, a steel division, a (prefab) concrete division and a steel bending atelier.
In recent years, our action radius has been further expanded: at present, we are able to  realize any of your building projects in Belgium, as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Bulgaria, and even Rumania. 

We always follow our clients very closely.  This is part of our company DNA. Cordeel once started as a joinery. On the request of our clients, we evolved into a constructor of wooden barracks and loading sheds. Soon afterwards, contracts came in  from several companies in the Antwerp region and thus be further evolved into a true construction company. Continuing in this way, we followed our clients when they expanded their area of activity to Central Europe.. It may be clear that also our own future coincides with the future of our clients. 
In other words, we are your Partner For The Future!